The Neuro-Science Of Losing The Weight You Hate And Keeping It Off Past Summer

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The Neuro-Science Of Losing The Weight You Hate And Keeping It Off Past Summer

Are you one of the 90 million Americans who are currently on a diet?
Do you lose weight only to gain every ounce of it back? Well you’re
not alone.

The national center for health statistics suggests that over 64 % of
Americans are overweight and that figure is growing every year. There
are currently over 300 books on dieting and over 16,000 variations of
diets from which to choose. People spend over $40 billion a year on
every magic potion or pill that they think will help them lose the
weight they hate. Unfortunately, 95% gain back all the weight only to
once again look for the next hot new diet.
John Assaraf, one of the world’s leading optimum performance experts,
suggests we look at the cause of this epidemic instead of relying on
diets and temporary weight loss tricks.

“People don’t understand how their brain functions and therefore gain
all the weight they lose 99% of the time,” said John Assaraf. “To
diet using will power and exercise is absolutely the worst way to
take off the weight you hate, if you want to keep it off for good."

Will power is a very short-term solution for weight loss since it is
controlled by the conscious mind. The latest scientific research
shows that the non-conscious, conditioned side of your personality
controls five sixths of your behavior and therefore your long-term

This means that 83% of the time you are acting automatically at a
non conscious level and explains why you regain all your weight back.
For permanent weight loss, you must re- train the 5/6th your brain if
you really want to keep it off.


A recent discovery has to do with your amygdala. This part of your
brain doesn’t like change and will release neuro-transmitters anytime
you try to change something in your life like your weight. It picks
up any deviation from your normal weight and basically causes you to
revert back to your old patterns of thoughts and behaviors. It works
exactly like the thermostat in your home that automatically picks up
any change in room temperature and then automatically corrects it.
This explains why people on diets often go on eating binges even
while they are on their diet.

Through the years we become conditioned to a certain internal “weight
set point” Once this is done we don’t have to think about the
day-to-day food intake and activities we need to do to maintain our
internal image. This is exactly how we form our habits. Once any
habit is ingrained in our brain we function automatically without
thought to maintain that internal image. If you don’t like your
current weight, you must break your old patterns and old conditioning
at the non-conscious level or face the pain of the yoyo syndrome.

Your internal mental system operates exactly like the mechanism that
keeps airplanes, missiles or boats on course once they have set their
coordinates into the system.

The outer body is only an expression of the internal image. If you
want to see permanent changes on the outside, you must re-train the
mental image on the inside first.

The most recent research suggests that it takes about 30 days of
everyday mental training to “re-train” the brain if you want long
lasting and permanent weight loss. By doing a few simple
visualization exercises seeing yourself at your perfect weight, you
start to recondition your internal image and you begin to erase the
old image.

The more you do this the faster you’ll see results. The good news is
that you can’t get a brain hernia if you overdo it.


Another simple technique you can use is a written positive
affirmation. For example, declare:

·I now weigh xxxx.
·My body fat is xxxxx.
·I feel and look great
·I am at my ideal and perfect weight now

If you repeat reading this and really seeing it on the screen of your
mind for at least 30 days, you’ll have a far superior chance of
keeping to your ideal weight. You can also cut out photos of the body
type you like and paste your picture to it and review it as
frequently as possible.

The reason for using present tense affirmations is simple. The
non-conscious side of your brain does not know the difference between
an actual event and a lie or an imagined one and, it also does not
understand the future. Once it is conditioned through repetition and
real life or imagined experiences, it will immediately make the
outside match up with the internal image.

About the Author

John Assaraf
New York Times @
Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author
"The Street Kid's Guide to Having It All"