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Tips to Help You Fall Asleep Without That Bedtime Cigarette

For some reason, many smokers become very accustomed to have one last cigarette each night just before going to bed. They feel that this nighttime cigarette relaxes them and helps them drift off. Then, when they decide to quit smoking, they find themselves tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep because theyíve become dependent on that bedtime smoking break.

This is dangerous for several reasons. First of all, everyone needs a good nightís sleep in order to function the next day. But more important, recent quitters especially need lots of sleep to help their bodies recover and repair from smoking damage. Finally, a stable sleeping pattern will help your body forget about that pre-bedtime cigarette.

Experts tell us that adults need 8 hours of good sleep to become fully functional. If you cannot manage eight hours, try to make it at least seven. Anything below that is not good for your body, and is going to take its toll at some time or other.

Similarly think about all those activities that are constantly going on in our bodies. Think of your heart that never stops pumping blood not even for a couple of seconds. Think of those lungs that help you breathe in and breathe out and the various other parts like your digestive system, your organs and your sense organs. Donít these wonderful systems deserve some rest? They certainly do. And I have news for you.

Experts have found out that when the human body is in a state of sleep, all these functions slow down (they canít stop of course) and get carried out at a much relaxed pace. This is the only rest that these parts of our bodies get. So donít you think that it is highly unfair to deprive them of the rest that they really deserve? Often we use the brain or the muscles as a measuring stick. When these parts are tired we decide that we need to rest.

Herewith is some terrific advice for anyone who is suffering at night with visions of cigarettes dancing through their heads:

  • Eat dinner two hours before you go to bed. Youíll have trouble falling asleep on a full stomach, so be sure to finish your last meal of the day at least two hours before itís time to go to bed. If youíre used to eating late in the evening, this may require changing your standard dinnertime a bit. But trust me, itís worth it. Not only will this tip help you sleep better, but itís actually a good way to lose weight, too!
  • Drink warm milk. When I was a kid, my grandmother always used to say that having a glass of warm milk would help me fall asleep. Turns out it wasnít just an old wivesí tale! Milk actually has sedative properties, and warming it up increases them. Just remember to warm it slightlyódonít boil it!
  • Go to bed the same time every night. We are all creatures of habit, and our bodies fall into a routine. When you stay up late one night and then try to get to bed early the next, you will definitely find yourself having trouble. To avoid problems, set a bedtime, and stick to it.
  • Go to bed when youíre tired. Donít sit in bed and then turn on the TV. Doing so will just re-stimulate your nerves and make you feel awake again. No wonder so many people with TVs in their bedroom having sleep problems! So when youíre ready for bed, turn off the lights, turn off the TV, pull up the blankets, and commit to getting some shut-eye.
  • Avoid sleeping pills. Pills can just get you into another cycle of substance addiction, and thatís something to be avoided at all costs. Instead, try natural sleep aids, like lavender essential oil or rose petals. Take a whiff while youíre in bed and youíll start to feel your eyes droop! And if you stick to your bedtime routine as Iíve explained above, your body will soon fall into a natural sleep cycle that is better than anything pills could accomplish!

If you wake up and can't go back to sleep:

  • Have a jar filled with dry rose petals by your bed. When you wake up, inhale the rose scent for minute or two. You'll be back to sleep in no time at all!
  • But my strongest advice is to steer clear of sleeping pills of any kind. Let nature and your natural body cycles do the job for you. If you need external intervention, then realize that everything has been thrown haywire and you are not on a safe track.

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