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Tips on How to Stop Smoking

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Words: 276
Copyright: 2005 Marilyn Pokorney

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Once you have decided that you really want to stop smoking
it can be a real challenge. Here are some tips to help you
break the habit quicker.

Before you begin, decide what you are going to do when you
have a craving. Keep a diary for a week or so and learn
what times and situations tempt you to want to have a
cigarette. Decide what you are going to do instead of
reaching for a cigarette.

Ask your doctor for advice if you have other health problems
or are worried about gaining weight.

The day you begin immediately get rid of ashtrays, lighters
and all cigarettes.

Consider finding yourself a friend, relative or co-worker
who wants to quit too and support each other.

If stress is a factor then find an exercise program.
Joining a nearby health club will be less expensive than the

Your home will smell fresh and clean. You'll spend less
time, energy and money cleaning your house.

You will reduce the risk of fire. As a result your
homeowner's insurance rates may be reduced.

Your food will taste better.

Remind yourself of everything nice that you could be buying
for yourself or your home with the money that you are
spending on cigarettes.

As a last resort remind yourself of the health benefits.
You'll reduce your chances of lung, throat and mouth cancer.
Reduce the chances of cardiovascular disease.

Stop smoking and the body will begin to repair the damage
done almost immediately.

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About the Author

Author: Marilyn Pokorney
Freelance writer of science, nature, animals and the
Also loves crafts, gardening, and reading.

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