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The Natural Way to Stop Smoking

While I was in the Army a friend of mine tried to stop smoking. One day we went on a two mile run. As we ran he began to talk about everything he was doing to stop smoking. He pulled his sleeve up and showed me his patch. At the halfway point he began chewing the gum. When we reached the end he stopped and lit a up a Camel. I could not help but to ask, “And, it’s working”? He took a very long hard look at me then asked, “Does it look like it to you?” There are so many products on the market to help you stop smoking. How do you know which one will work for you? You don’t... The truth is that while one may work for you it may not work for others. I want to stop smoking so I tried the gum. Then I tried the patch. Both failed to work. However, I am sure that there is someone out there that will tell you it worked for them. With all this in mind I began looking into hypnosis as a way to kick my nasty habit to the curb. As I came to the end of my research I found that hypnosis is in fact the most effective way stop smoking. Hypnosis can be remarkably effective tool that will assist with the difficulties involved in stopping the habit of smoking cigarettes or cigars. It can facilitate self-esteem and motivation for changes in behavior and habits. However, it cannot change something you do not want to change. If you are not truly committed to stop smoking then it is almost certain that your effort will fail. Out of every ten people only one may fail to stop smoking. This is due to hypnosis facilitating smoking cessation by fostering hopefulness, reducing nagging thoughts about smoking, reducing jitters and grumpiness, fostering an appreciation for healthier habits and increasing motivation for better healthiness and relapse prevention. What does a hypnotherapist do before helping you stop smoking: • Any good hypnotherapist will insist on doing an intake. The intake allows you and the hypnotherapist to get to know each other. If for some reason you or the hypnotherapist feels uncomfortable with each other it will not work. • During your visit the hypnotherapist will try to find what triggers your smoking. So, before you go take a few days and write down things that triggered your smoking. • Then the hypnotherapist will want to know why you want to quit smoking. Remember, if you are doing it for some other reason then for yourself it will NOT work. How many visits does it take: Some may stop smoking completely in just one visit. However, don’t be alarmed if you have to go back three to five times. If you’re a two or more packs a day person the odds are you will need to go back a few times. Hang in there it will work if you really want it to work. “Quit smoking requires one session for most people, two or more for others. If it is not effective by the third session, you may want to see someone else. Mental health treatment is not the same as medical treatment. Rapport is more important in creating positive change in a mental health session than it may be in a medical environment. Please note, it is important in both situations.” Truman Reid, MA, PhD, LPC How much do visits cost: The amount per visit can cost between $49.00 - $400. Never think for one moment that the one offering to do it for $49.00 has less experienced. In fact, I found that they have treated more people and have far more experience. In most cases they offer the low amount because they truly want to help people stop smoking. If you are shopping around always ask, “How many people have you helped stop smoking”? A hypnotherapist will stress that you must want to quit for your own reasons. Such as: • I want a healthier life. • It cost too much to smoke. • I really hate smoking. This is one area of medicine that true relies on your state of mind. If you are in their office for someone else then you are wasting your hard earned money. “This is a powerful method to get the subconscious mind working for you, rather than against you.” Shari Gordon, C.Ht. Do Cd’s really work: Almost every hypnotherapist I interviewed like to use both Hypnosis and CD’s. Though some may claim that just the CD’s will work I tend to think it really depends on you and how much you smoke. If you smoke a ½ pack a day odds are just the CD’s may do the trick. However, I believe you need both Hypnosis and CD’s. Hypnosis itself is a powerful method. The use of CD’s is to reenforce the hypnosis. The combination is a sure winner! “Yes, the CD's and tapes really work when used properly. I give a CD recording of the actual session to the client for reinforcement to be use in the privacy of their home. Because all my sessions are personalized, we are able to address the specific needs and desires of the client.” Kim Manning, C.M.Ht. What about hypnosis by phone or email: Okay, this is a touchy area... I do not believe it will work by email at all however, I could be wrong. Only one out of the sixty I wrote even offered to do hypnosis by email. Hypnosis by phone would depend on how much you really want to stop smoking. I do believe this will work for a person with an open heart and is 100% sure they want to stop smoking. If you are not completely committed to stopping then it would be a complete waste of money. “Hypnosis can be done by phone, though in-person would be significantly better overall.” Martha Smith, C.Ht., CCEM, CST Hypnosis is in fact an all natural healing. There are no substances or test to take. It is purely mind over body where your in total control of the outcome. So, if you truly want to stop smoking contact a local hypnotherapist. “It's laughably simple, and amazingly powerful. I stress that ALL hypnosis is self-hypnosis. I cannot change you, or anyone else. YOU change you. I simply facilitate the process and show you how to re-wire your subconscious of positive change.” Nancy (need last name) I would like to thank all the hypnotherapist I contacted for being completely honest and forthcoming. Moreover, I would like to give a special thanks to the following for their help in writing this article: Lois (Prinz) C. Ht., Center For Hypnosis • 505-292-2237 • Albuquerque, NM 87112 John McGrail C. Ht., Clinical Hypnotherapist • 310-235-2883 • 2001 S. Barrington Ave., Ste. 320 • Los Angeles, CA 90025 Kim Manning, C.M.Ht, Focused Solutions • (866) 866-4271 • 36880 Woodward Ave. #107 • Bloomfield Hills MI 48304 Martha Smith, C.Ht., Tranquility Center, Inc.• (734) 994-2950 • 3340 West Liberty• Ann Arbor, MI 48103 Lynda Malerstein, C. Ht., Power Journeys Hypnosis • (310) 228-3160 • 2211 Corinth Ave., #309 • Los Angeles, CA 90064

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