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The Best in Hair Removal Options for You

How can you best get rid of hair you have growing where you donít want it? You can be lumped right in with the millions of people all over the world who have hair growing where it is not wanted. I found, though, that there is good news for all of us: there are a plethora of hair removal options that are effective and accessible to us.

The reasons for wanting hair removed are as varied as the people of the earth. For many women, hair removal is part of their daily routine as they remove hair from legs, underarms, and any number of other places made necessary by society, comfort, or even clothing fashions. As for men, most of us shave our facial hair and some men even practice hair removal on other parts of the body. Still others, like those afflicted with disorders like hypertrichosis and hisutism need hair removal for medical reasons.

There are two basic types of hair removal: permanent and temporary. Temporary hair removal works for only a short period of time before it must be repeated. It is, obviously, affected by the growth rate of your hair. There are also permanent hair removal treatments that get rid of hair permanently or at least for several years. These are the ones we will focus on.

The most popular form of permanent hair removal is electrolysis. In this particular treatment, each hair that is being removed requires individual treatment. What happens is that a licensed professional will inject a small needle into the follicle of each individual hair, one at a time. An electric charge is sent into the follicle and it kills its ability to create or hold hair. Depending on how big an area you are having treated, the process can take anywhere form hours to days to months. It is also very expensive, up to $3000.

A second permanent hair removal option is laser hair removal. A small laser beam is fired into each follicle and destroys it. It is not as painful a process as electrolysis. However, it is not recommended if you have tanned or dark skin. It works best if you have light skin and dark hair, but consult a professional before you have it done.

A third hair removal procedure with permanent effects is the photo epilation pulsed laser method. The method has no restrictions on skin color, shade, or even hair color. Also, this is the method most recommended for use on sensitive parts of the body like the pubic area.

Living in the image conscious society that we do, hair removal is like anything else: important. Permanent hair removal is at a premium because of the fact that it not only removes the hair, but also eliminates the upkeep necessary with temporary hair removal. There are a number of procedures you can have done to get hair removed permanently and there are certainly pros and cons associated with each. Your best bet is to consult with a hair removal professional to determine which method may be best for you and your situations since there are times when hair color, skin shade, and location of the hair can all be factors in which method will work best.

If you would like the latest information on hair removal , or find more of my personal articles like the one you just read, visit my health site!

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