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The Background to Laser Hair Removal

The disposal of superfluous hair is currently one of the foremost accepted cosmetic treatments, for both women and a soaring number of men. In addition to the ordinary and often temporary methods, employing shavers, waxing kits and electrolysis, the more high-tech procedures such as intense pulsed light and laser systems are becoming increasingly popular.

Although superfluous hair is chiefly believed to be a cosmetic problem. It should be remembered that women every now and again have supplementary hair growth during both pregnancy and menopause. Additionally there are some diseases that have above average hair growth as a characteristic, but they are less common.

Dermatologists are continuing with their investigation into why this approach works but it appears that the laser creates heat damage to the hair follicle checking the growth of the particular strand of hair. This happens as a result of the laser being converted into heat as it travels through the skin and being absorbed into the target, the pigment melanin, that is found in the hair follicle. When the temperature reaches a high enough level in a hair follicle during its active period, the targeted hair properties are disabled, thus checking hair re-growth.

The results vary but in clinical trials periods of up to two years have been achieved before hair growth restarted.

Laser hair removal is a relatively gentle process it does not need chemical preparations or painful scraping or injections, it can be used on large areas of the body in a single treatment session.

Laser hair removal today is a very effective method of treatment for unwanted hair, ongoing research continues to improve the process. The ultimate goal is to achieve permanent removal of hair but this has not been achieved yet.

Also you should be aware that some people do experience side effect such as redness swelling and even burns, these are rare but they do happen. If you have any doubts about Laser Hair Removal you should take qualified advice before proceeding. The vast majority of people are very happy with the results they receive.

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