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Laser Hair Removal - Who Else Wants Smooth Skin And Less Hair?

The removal of unwanted facial and body hair has recently become one of the most demanded cosmetic enhancements in recent years. This holds true for the ladies, as well as, for a greater and greater number of gentlemen. Excessive facial and body, according to the current dictates of acceptable fashion, is a big fashion turn off and no-no.

And so, for a number of reasons including vanity, millions of women and men, spend millions of dollars each year on enhancements, including laser hair removal, as well as lotions and potions, that promise smooth, satiny skin free of ugly, excessive facial and body hair.

Laser hair removal is a speedier, more gentle way to dispatch unsightly hair, with awesome results. In some cases laser hair removal can be permanent.

Laser hair removal uses accurately controlled energy pulses, (electrical and light with cooling), reaching deep into the roots or base of the hair follicles that lie within the skin. The pulses heat the hair, right down to the bottom of the root, destroying it without damaging surrounding skin or tissue.

Lets take a look at how laser hair removal works:

Human hairs are made up of 3 distinguishable components: the bulb at the root of the hair follicle that develops hair, the shaft, and the hair follicle itself. Both the bulb and the shaft are imbedded within the skin, leaving only the hair visible to the naked eye. For semi permanent hair removal, the hair follicle must be eliminated along with its germinating centers that are in the bulb. Hair can be destroyed only during the active phase of the growth cycle.

Therefore, because of these staggered growth cycles, patients usually require a number of treatments over time for long-term hair removal resolutions. Hair will continue to grow after your treatment. Anybody who tells you that optimum results can be attained in just one or two times under the laser is simply not telling the truth.

Here Is The Good News About Laser Hair Removal:

∑ Laser hair removal is non-invasive which does not require needles or messy chemical creams.

∑ It is a smoother, more gentle way to dispatch unwanted hair, with dependable results.

∑ Since many hundreds if not thousands of hairs can be lasered in a single session, big expanses like the back and shoulders, legs and arms can be treated at one time.

∑ Considered safe if performed properly.

Would You Like To Know The Boundaries Of Laser Hair Removal?

∑ Exact rates and frequency on hairs growing back have not been precisely established and cannot be predicted.

∑ Most usually laser hair removal is not as efficient on gray hairs and red or blonde hair.

∑ It must be used very judiciously (if at all) on darker skin tones or on patients who suntan regularly. The shin could get discolored patches.

All in all the technology is getting better all the time and prices are getting more competitive. If it is what your heart desiresÖWhy not? Indulge yourself. Donít you deserve it?

Why wait to learn the truth about laser hair removal? Now there is a gallery of powerful information yours for the taking. Decide now to improve the quality of your life. Click here: Laser Hair Removal and claim you free welcome gift, 101 Romantic Ideas.

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