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Hairchick's Thoughts On Galvanic Tweezer Hair Removal

For years, electrolysis was the only permanent way to remove hair. One of the newest ways to remove hair also promises permanent hair removal - without some of the skin irritation caused by electrolysis. Like electrolysis, it involves electric currents and so is best left to professionals at a salon or spa. Since it's a newer form of treatment, though, I'd be even more picky about the spa or salon you visit.

During a session, an electrode gel is applied to the hair, and an electric current from the machine used in this process races down through the gel and destroys the hair. That's it. No more hair growth in that follicle.

Advocates of this Galvanic Tweezer Hair Removal claim it is less painful than electrolysis, since no metal probe has to be inserted into the skin. The one trick is this: the hair has to be destroyed at a precise time in the hair growth cycle. The therapist or aesthetician is supposed to be able to tell the ideal time to electrocute the hair. If that person miscalculates, or if you can't make it into the salon at a specific time, the entire expensive process for that hair or hairs will have to be repeated.

So here's the really bad news: Some experts claim that galvanic tweezer hair removal is nothing more than a re-marketing of electric tweezers that were popular in the 1970s. So now there is some squabbling concerning the effectiveness of galvanic tweezer hair removal. I can tell you that home kits for galvanic tweezer hair removal do NOT work permanently, despite their claims. I have not yet met anyone who has achieved permanent hair removal from galvanic tweezer methods even at a spa, but several reputable salons and spas do use this method. So far, this process seems to be an anomaly in the hair removing world, with some reputable sources claiming it is safe and effective, and other equally reputable experts claiming it is all a big scam.

So who to believe?

Well, if you personally meet someone who has had permanent and impressive results from this method, get the name of her salon and aesthetician and book a consultation in which you can get answers to all your questions. In other cases, I would suggest that you to keep your eyes on the news and get electrolysis for permanent hair removal instead.

Joni McCoy is the author of Hairchick, a fun and friendly guide to hair removal for women.

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