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7 Tips About Laser Hair Removal

For many people having hair in places where it is not wanted can be an embarrassment. The hair can be on the body or on the face, wherever it happens to be growing, these people want it gone. Temporary hair removal solutions are not what they are looking for; they want something that is semi-permanent. A laser hair removal system would suit their needs nicely, but how does it work?

1- Laser hair removal provides effects that are similar to electrolysis, but are much more painless. There are several types of laser systems that have been approved for use in hair removal, while they all work a little differently; the premise is the same for all of them, by removing the hair at the follicle.

2- One of the reasons that lasers are becoming so popular is that this system is a relatively painless form of hair removal, especially when compared to the more traditional forms of body hair removal. The laser hair removal system also provides excellent outcomes in the face, underarm area and neck, resulting in a 60-80% success rate within two to three visits.

3- Many people prefer laser hair removal because they see dramatic results from having it done. Results such as a 50% reduction in hair after four months, with only one treatment. With the normal patient needing a treatment only every six to twelve months. Most people also like the fact that when the hair grows back, it is usually sparser and of a finer texture.

4- The first approved laser system was the Nd:YAG, which required the skin to be waxed first to remove the unwanted hair and therefore, causing the follicles to open. This is necessary for the laser to reach the follicles, next a light absorbing, carbon based lotion need to be applied to the skin. The laser heats the lotion that has reached the hair follicles, which causes damage to the follicle, but leaves the skin undamaged.

5- While the Nd:YAG method is still in use, there is a newer, less time-consuming laser hair removal method available. This method uses pulses rather than a continuous laser light beam to warm up the follicles. The newer method also removes the need for waxing of the skin as well as for the application of the carbon-based lotion. The use of the pulse allows the follicle to be heated more quickly while exposing the skin to lesser amounts of damaging heat.

6- While laser hair removal treatments offer great results that last, it is fairly expensive, especially when compared to hair removal methods that need to be done on a more frequent basis. For example, to remove facial hair, the series of treatments that would be needed will cost approximately $1,000, depending upon where you live. More involved procedures, such as men's backs or legs will be around $3,000 for the series of treatments.

7- If you feel that laser hair removal is the right choice for you, it is important to research the facility that will be performing the procedure before you have even one treatment done. Make sure that you check for complaints from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in your area and ask if the technicians on staff are licensed and if there is a doctor or nurse on staff in case of an emergency.

John Mancini has been writing about Laser Hair Removal online and offline for a long time. Visit or to read more about matters like facial hair removal and hair removal for man.

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