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Are You Losing Your Hair

While you may think baldness to be a problem associated with men, it is not so altogether. It is surprising to note that half of the women folk above 40 years old undergo excessive hair loss. Women over 65 years are at an even greater risk of losing their hair at an alarming rate. To find the strands of hair in the sink just after combing is a quite natural. Hair loss is not a gender specific problem. However, its cause may differ in males and females.

Even though hair loss is a common problem, its underlying reason may vary. Androgenetic alopecia has been diagnosed as the most common type of hair loss. This is also called pattern-baldness. A hereditary problem, which is also influenced by factors like the age at which hair loss takes place, its extent and its speed. It can affect both men and women.

Washing your hair regularly does not aggravate the problem. Thus, to think so is a common myth associated with alopecia. If you tease or brush your hair, you are running the risk of losing it at a faster pace. For fuller look, a layered styling of hair is the apt choice. You should avoid weaving but can very well go for perm or color.

Apart from androgenetic alopecia, you may even experience temporary hair loss out of some other reasons. Pregnancy is one such cause. The hormonal imbalance during pregnancy may adversely affect your hair. Another factor that also worsens the problem of hair loss among women is the use of birth control pills. Thus, for the sake of healthy, lustrous hair, you have to be a little cautious and you should opt for a proper remedy, the first time it comes under your notice.

About the Author

My name is Marquetta Breslin and I'm a professional hair braider with over 12 years of experiance. I own where I sell intructional hair braiding and weave DVDs teaching the world how to braid and weave.

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