This research can help you Conquer Obesity

This information is to be taken lightly; i.e. it may lighten your thinking and BMI (body mass index)."

Conquering Obesity

Begin by asking yourself:

Does any of this weigh in with you?

You are invited to a company, family or friend’s get together where everyone will be enjoying a cookout, potluck or other meal venue to share. Throughout the week of the event, talk at the water cooler, on the phone, via email, etc. constantly seems to come back to this event: what to bring, what to wear, who will be there, etc.

By now, you’re nervous about what to bring, wear and eat in front of everyone. You’re a “little” (or more) overweight and aren’t quite like everyone else going. At least that’s what you think...

You’re apprehensive. Sweat pants are probably out of the question, but nothing else is comfortable. Jeans are too tight, your shoes don’t shine any longer, your shirt doesn’t have all the buttons - -or won’t button up over your belly, ugh!

You’re anxious. Forget about health foods like veggies and dip. Who likes green stuff? Where’s the beef? What CAN you bring? What do you REALLY want to eat there?

You’re stressed- - to the max - - by Friday afternoon. But what the heck. You don your favorite BIG shirt over your elastic pants and hit the road with loads of “healthy” foods; sweet rice cereal treats (coated in chocolate and layered in peanut better), veggies (with a rich breaded coating and deep fried), your favorite cola and head out.

You arrive & run cross these annoying gems at the event:

  • Lots of slim people are munching on eating carrots and celery. And there’s some kind of green oozy-stuff on crackers and some kind of no-meat burgers.
  • Everything is set up for “skinny” ninnies. You can’t hardly squeeze past the food tables to get to the chairs. And forget about being comfortable. The chairs are tiny, flimsy, backless fabric stool-type things that might be great for little kids. But forget about larger adult rears….
  • People look at you - in surprise - because, OK you admit, your website photo was from your high school says decades ago and at least 50-pounds ago…and they’re just now seeing you in-person first the first time or in years. Some even mention that, gosh, you’re a “little” heftier now, eh? (in a joking manner, of course).
  • Unfeeling pencil-thin guests who make you want to PUKE and who are obviously oblivious or unconcerned with those around them, are openly discussing the latest “FAD” diets and exercise equipment on infomercials and wonder aloud why anyone can still be “FAT” today.
  • The drunks at the party decide to become more obnoxious than usual and insult anyone there NOT ultra-thin.

The results?

Any number of the following happens:

You leave & stop along the way for your favorite candy bars and other assorted junk food.

You return home and binge in front of your favorite video, TV program or DVD. You sulk, get super depressed and change into your old, favorite sweats with the holes in them and seams ripping out.

You worry about obesity & your thoughts and actions may become intertwined with those relating to Anorexia, any number of the latest Dieting Fads, Child Obesity issues, Bulimia…

You decide to hide out for the rest of your life. No more parties or interactions with people any more. You think that life bites…

Well, let’s cut the crap. Obesity stops here.

Dear Adventurous Fitness & Health Shopper,

If you’ve had enough & you’re looking for the latest, helpful information about how to conquer obesity, you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re tired of insults, size / weight discrimination, keeping a low profile, not updating your photo album, a lack of invitations, a lack of accepting invitations, clothes that aren’t up to date and don’t fit right… forge onward.

If you don’t’ want to spend the rest of your life hiding behind old photos and closed doors, open the door to our latest information.

If you’re looking for timely obesity solutions for today’s fast-paced environment, you’ve scaled a winner!

Now, with no medical, dietary or other experience necessary, you can join the team of happy, healthy, successful winners who’ve conquered obesity.

You can start by simply considering these facts…

  • A man is obese if he has over 25 percent body fat; a woman is obese if she has over 30 percent.
  • Over 15 percent of children in the United States aged between 6 and 19 are obese.
  • Obesity affects approximately 60 million people in the United States alone.
  • Obesity increases the risk of high blood pressure, Type II Diabetes, heart disease, mental health conditions, and breast, colon and prostate cancer.

Then instantly download our latest research power-packed into an easy-to-read format, full of successful solutions that have been tried and tested. Select only those choices that fit into your own hectic lifestyle.

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What’s in it for you?

Inside this research collection, you will:

  • Learn Obesity facts
  • Grasp an overview of Obesity
  • Discover the relationship between Obesity and Eating Disorders
  • Learn the science of Obesity in everyday layman’s terms.
  • Understand the role that Fats and Cholesterols play
  • Understand your own weight
  • Find out how to calculate and determine your own body’s needs
  • Get help with Childhood Obesity, too. Great for friends, co-workers, neighbors, grandchildren, families of adult children, etc.
  • Discover the role of high-fat, moderate-fat and low-fat popular fad diets
  • Learn about surgical solutions for Obesity
  • Find medical methods to aid in the fight against Obesity
  • Nurture Natural Alternatives for fighting Obesity
  • Feel what “hunger” is suppose to “feel” like and learn to distinguish this on a daily basis to determine when and how much to eat
  • See if the Live-Food Diet strategy is for you
  • Add exercise management to your skills
  • Tone your muscles with easy weight training for both genders
  • Establish specific, concrete goals to alter your behaviors and conquer bad habits that lead to Obesity
  • And much, much more…

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