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Your Child Has Diabetes ?

Well, first of all, diabetes is divided into 2 types, commonly known as Diabetes Type 1 and Diabetes Type 2.

If you have a Diabetes Type 1, the probability that your child will have the same condition is 1:17. If you are a mother with Diabetes Type 1 and deliver a child when you are under 25 years old, then the probability that your child will be diagnosed with the same condition is 1:25. The probability decreases to 1:100 if you give birth over 25 years old.

The risk that your child will have diabetes is doubled if you are diagnosed with Diabetes Type 1 before you turn 11. Should you and your spouse both have Diabetes Type 1, then the probability that your child also has it will increase starting from 1:10 up to 1:4.

What about Diabetes Type 2? This kind of diabetes does have a larger genetical basis than Diabetes Type 1. Though, a huge influence also comes from external factors such as environments, way of lifes, eating habits, etc.

Generally, if you are diagnosed with a Diabetes Type 2 since you are under 50 years old, then the probability for your child to have the same condition is 1:7. The probability decreases to 1:13 if you are diagnosed with it over 50.

Some experts stated that the risk of passing on diabetes to your children will get bigger if the one who has diabetes is the mother. If both parents have Diabetes Type 2, the probability for the child to be diagnosed with the same condition is 1:2.

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