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Here's How You Control Your Blood Sugar With a Diabetes Natural Remedy

Diabetes affects over 170 million people world wide and that figure is expected to double by the year 2030 – according to the World Health Organization. Left untreated, it leads to cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, blindness and joint problems. In extreme cases, as you lose circulation to the peripheral tissues, amputations may become necessary. You can do something about this with a diabetes natural remedy involving changes to your diet, losing weight and supplementation – all of these together will allow you to control your diabetes and lead a normal life.

Type 2 Adult Diabetes

Type 2 Adult Diabetes really shouldn’t be called ‘Adult’ diabetes, since the majority of new diagnoses are in children; the blame for this lies fairly and squarely with the modern 'fast food' and soft drink diet. Risk factors for diabetes include:

• High intake of sugar, refined and processed flour, caffeine, and soft drinks

• Lack of exercise – sitting around playing computer games, for example

Symptoms are varied and may include: sudden weight gain or extreme weight loss, fatigue, frequent urination and chronic thirst – these are warning signs (amongst others) which should be checked out.

A positive test showing sugar in the urine and blood is another test. The blood of a diabetic becomes thicker and stickier and the person can be more prone to blood clots which leads to stroke or heart disease.

In Type 2 diabetes, you’re actually producing plenty of insulin - in fact maybe too much because of the high sugar intake. The job of insulin is to carry sugar to the cells where it’s used to make energy.

In a diabetic, two things can happen: 1) The cells become resistant to insulin – in this case the cell membrane which is made up of goods fats and protein doesn’t function correctly and 2) The insulin becomes less effective – this is caused by excess intake of sugar, alcohol, refined flour etc depleting the minerals (particularly chromium) required to make the insulin work. Caffeine will severely aggravate the condition.

A diabetes natural remedy involves taking control of the disease, which is really nothing more than a nutritional deficiency and lifestyle disease.

To get the disease under control it’s a matter of losing weight, exercising, having a good diet and using the right supplements.

Steps to take for a Diabetes Natural Remedy

• Increase your protein intake – this repairs the cell membrane.

• Reduce your intake of sugar and increase your intake of complex carbohydrates.

• Lose weight and exercise – reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease

• Eat frequently - have 6 meals a day – this helps keep your blood sugar more constant.

• Completely avoid milk and alcohol.

• Drink plenty of fresh, filtered water (8-10 glasses per day) and no pop or soft drinks.

• Supplementation is essential – use all 90 essential nutrients and additional antioxidants.

Diabetics lose vital minerals and vitamins in their urine and this further complicates the disease. In addition, these same nutrients, when they are replaced will actually reverse the disease and prevent further complications

Note: When using a diabetes natural remedy, it's very important to monitor your blood sugar often – more than 4 times a day and monitor the medications with your health care professional. Your goal, and the goal or your health care provider, SHOULD be to reduce the medication you are on and to achieve a normal and healthy life.

You should also discuss any possible side effects of medications you are taking. Unlike many prescribed medications, the diabetes natural remedy approach will not affect your kidneys or your liver

Start Taking Control

Recommended Supplements include:

• All 90 Essential Nutrients necessary for health including 98% absorbable plant derived liquid minerals, a multi-vitamin/amino acid supplement, and essential fatty acids to help rebuild the cells.

• A Chromium/Vandium supplement - will provide a diabetes natural remedy by assisting with natural regulation of blood sugar.

• An Antioxidant Supplement containing Vitamins A, C, E & Selenium - have been shown to improve both Type I and II diabetes.

Here’s a summary of how some of the essential nutrients work:

o Chromium and Vanadium – these two minerals can actually help the insulin transport sugar to the cells, or even replace its function. Chromium works to make insulin more effective and Vanadium can actually do the job of insulin and transport sugar to the cells. A study by the University of Vancouver in 1985 stated that: ‘Vanadium will replace insulin for adult onset diabetics.’ See our References section below for this report

o Zinc helps blood sugar get into the cells and helps insulin to work better; magnesium also makes the insulin work better and can lower your risk of diabetes complications such as blindness and heart attack; selenium, copper and manganese all have a protective cellular function when blood glucose levels are high and selenium can assist with lowering blood sugar.

o Vitamin C and vitamin E help get sugar out of the blood stream and into the cells, keeps the blood vessels healthy and help protect against kidney damage and heart attack. Vitamin E may improve the body's response to insulin. Biotin (a B group vitamin) can lower blood glucose; B6 and B12 along with Folic acid also may help prevent diabetic complications.

o Essential fatty acids supplements help rebuild the cells, and may assist with better weight control and reduce blood sugar levels

o A herbal extract from a climbing plant known as Gymnema sylvestre has been used since the 6th century BC and helps lower blood sugar and repair damage to insulin producing cells in the pancreas


In any discussion about a natural diabetes remedy, it’s important to talk about hypoglycaemia as this can lead to diabetes and serious health problems. It’s characterized mainly by mood changes such as nervousness, irritability, lack of concentration (typical symptoms of lack of blood sugar).

In a hypoglycemic person, as the blood sugar level begins to drop - they respond to this by taking sugar. In addition the adrenals start producing more adrenalin to raise the blood sugar levels. The blood sugar level gets very high and the body starts to produce excess insulin. This can then lead to a cycle of blood sugar highs and lows.

If untreated or poorly maintained, this can easily lead to Adult Type 2 Diabetes or even worse, the adrenal glands may stop functioning correctly causing major problems.

There may also be medical reasons for this to occur, such as an insulin tumor, or a tumor on the adrenal gland, this would be diagnosed by a doctor.

The diabetes natural remedy described above:- 1) having a diet low in sugar, high in protein; 2) taking supplements – including the essential nutrients plus a chromium and vanadium supplement; 3) and eating 6 meals a day – will work for people suffering from hypoglycemia.

The additional vitamin C, vitamin E, minerals and essential fatty acids you get from supplementing, will also support the adrenals and cell membranes, and make the body’s control of blood sugar more effective.

Type 1 diabetes or ‘Juvenile’ onset diabetes

A diabetes natural remedy can be applied also to Type 1 diabetics. In this instance, no insulin is being produced by the pancreas (the Islets of Langerhans). In this case the adrenals and the liver are involved in the control of blood sugar.

Your aim should be to try to use as little insulin as possible to do the job of controlling blood sugar. Adopt the same approach as for Type 2 diabetes, that is:

* Increase your protein intake and have 6 meals a day

* Reduce your intake of sugar and increase your intake of complex carbohydrates

* Supplementing is essential. You need to take in all 90 Essential Nutrients necessary for health including plant derived liquid minerals, a multi-vitamin/amino acid supplement, and essential fatty acids to help rebuild the cells. An additional supplement of chromium and vanadium will provide a diabetes natural remedy.

Here’s a Summary of the major points in this article:

Diabetes is a complex nutritional deficiency disease that can be managed by simple changes to lifestyle, diet and through supplementation. A diabetes natural remedy involves:

1. Eliminating sugar, bad fats and caffeine from your diet and increase your intake of protein, fibre, plenty of water and ‘good’ fats.

2. Eat plenty of green leafy vegetables and small to moderate amounts of fruit

3. Have up to 6 high protein meals per day

4. Exercise and lose weight – this will lower your risk of a number of other complications – including heart disease

5. Supplement with all 90 essential nutrients including plant derived colloidal minerals, a good multi-vitamin supplement and essential fatty acids.

6. A Chromium/Vanadium Supplement is also needed for a diabetes natural remedy


Paul Newland is a health writer, sports training consultant and martial arts instructor and manages the website. He is the author of numerous health information books and guides, including the Wellness Report, The Ultimate Antioxidant Report, The Selenium Report, The Bird Flu Report, The Ultimate Nutrient Guide and The Essential Fatty Acid Report and The Ultimate Sports Nutrition Guide - available Free (for a limited time) through

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