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Diabetes : Half of People with Diabetes Don't Take Aspirin Therapy

The American College of Preventive Medicine (ACPM) found that 48 per cent of U.S. adults over forties with diabetes do not take aspirin therapy to reduce their risk of recurrent heart attack or stroke and they even do not report or discuss this situation with their doctors.

This population is at intensified risk of cardiovascular cases and hence it is potential candidate for a doctor-recommended aspirin therapy based on nowadays American Diabetes Association (ADA) and U.S. Preventive Services Task Force principles.

Some of the most life-threatening consequences of diabetes diseases are heart attack and stroke, which occur more than twice as often among people with diabetes than in those who are not affected by the illness. According to statistics, this situation accounts for approximately 65 per cent of deaths in people with diabetes.

A diagnosis of diabetes as an adult presents a similar level of coronary heart disease risk as already having suffered a heart attack, under the American Diabetes Association. Hence, this association recommends that aspirin therapy should be considered for use in the prevention of both first and recurrent cardiovascular events in patients affected by diabetes who have at least one additional risk factor.

According to the experts, the survey findings suggest that few Americans with diabetes are aware of aspirin therapy and its cardio-protective benefits. Despite benefits of aspirin therapy have been proven to outweigh the risks in moderate to high risk populations, it is concerning that so many people with diabetes seem unaware of this fact.

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