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Diabetes - Following A Strict Schedule

Making life long and livable is the goal of every diabetic, and it is particularly important to the parents of small children with diabetes. So much of what’s good about life can be enjoyed by a diabetic as long as they manage their blood sugars. We monitor our sons blood sugar level at LEAST 6 times a day.

Diabetics need to check they blood sugar at every meal or snack, but we also check if we notice a sudden change in behaviors. It is not uncommon for diabetics to display sudden mood swings. One minute they are hyper and you think they have a high BGL (Blood Glucose Level), and the next they are quiet or whinny. Why take a chance, check your/their blood sugar. It really does not hurt much and it can help prevent a litany of health related and quality of life related issues in the future.

With the addition of Humalog into a diabetic’s daily routine they can eat the same foods as we do. It is important to know the carbohydrate content of the food being consumed, since this is used to determine the correct level of Humalog to inject at meal time. The higher the carbohydrate the more insulin will be needed. Humalog offers diabetic’s convenience, control and flexibility. Its rapid-action acts much like your body insulin would if you did not have diabetes. Humalog is absorbed quickly and starts working within minutes to lower your blood sugar.

You can survive diabetes without the strict discipline, but in later years you may suffer from heart ailments, problems with your eyes, feat and other internal organs. If you are a diabetic, be a good diabetic and you’ll live a long normal life. See your doctor often, follow his/her instructions and test frequently.

This is my gift to my son Alex, and every smile he gives us, is his gift to the world.

Bill McRea is the publisher of

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