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Discover the Power of Inversion to Ease Your Achy Back

What can inversion do for your back?

Did you know that you are physically shorter in the evening than in the morning (or after sleeping)?

Why? - You might be surprised to learn that it is due to the discs in your spine!

Imagine those little discs getting squashed all day long. All that weight bearing and holding yourself up against gravity causes moisture to be squeezed out of the discs.

This results in a net loss of height during the day.

During the night, while you sleep and because your spine is no longer bearing vertical weight, the discs reabsorb moisture and are thicker in the morning.

Inversion tables - can help to counteract that problem.

A table can allow you to - go vertical -and give your spine a major break.

Not only will your spine be happier but you will be too. It actually feels pretty good to be upside down for a period of time.

Blood and oxygen can move to the head and that increased flow can give you a more awake, more alive feeling.

You'll feel refreshed.

My friend Clint has an inversion table and I tried it out.

It really does feel good to get on it for a couple of minutes.

If you are daring you might even do a few sit-ups while inverted - its a neat twist to being upside down and doing sit-ups!

You can experience relief from back pain by using inversion tables, others have - and you can or someone you love can too.

Inversion tables might not be for everyone. Ask your physician before using an inversion table or taking up any form of exercise.

David Snape is a health, fitness and wellness enthusiast. His website is David also practices Falun Dafa.

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