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Backpain And Accidents In The WorkPlace

Four out of five people today suffer from back problems. and you know something, I haven't yet met that 5th person.

Back pain in the UK is the biggest cause of sickness from work, so why are we not more proactive about it? (It's costing us billions),

I would suggest the figures are similar in other westernised countries.

In the UK especially it's a constant battle. Many firms don't give even basic manual handling training despite the fact it's been a legal requirement for many years.

What about your workplace, what type of job do you do, What kind of training have you received to help you do it safely?

In the end, it doesn't matter what you do because I can nearly guarantee that whatever it is, somehow your posture, the way you sit, stand and work doesn't help your back. (And I'm not even thinking of the weights you're lifting constantly)

I wonder whether you are sitting reading this and you have pain in your back caused by your employment, are you off sick, maybe even semi or permanently disabled. Are your finances suffering as a result,

(Back pain causes so many problems doesn't it)?

So, what can you do about it?

Easy, be proactive for a start!

The really sad part of many accidents in the workplace relating to back pain (besides poor training) is sheer carelessness on the part of workers.

Come on, admit it, if you do have equipment supplied, can you be bothered to use it, or does it takes too long. (Gosh How many times have I heard that excuse).

Just stop and think before you do something dangerous. Because it may take a few extra seconds to mechanise that job, but will it make the difference between working safely and healthily for many more years, or sitting at home in permanent disability.

Think About it...

About the Author

Kim Standerline is a Back Care Advisor working for a large hospital Trust in the UK. She is passionate about good backcare, and can be found at and

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