Aromatherapy: A Multi-Faceted Curative

There are certain plants whose special properties have helped mankind to maintain health and cure daily ailments like stress and depression. Aromatherapy as an alternative medicine has been practiced for many years.  Aromatherapy can help address ailments caused by emotional imbalances like sadness, worry, depression, anxiety, frustration and irritability or even physical conditions dry skin, acne, varicose veins, eczema, cellulite, psoriasis and certain types of infections. In some cases Aromatherapy is used just to relieve everyday aches and pains that are caused by muscle stress, bruises, sprains, respiratory illnesses etc.

There are approximately one dozen essential oils that are utilized through aromatherapy.  Among them are:
Eucalyptus ~ used for muscle aches and various respiratory
Geranium ~ typically used for the relief of skin problems
Rosemary ~ often used as a tool to stimulate various
systems of the body
Peppermint ~ aids in relieving headaches and digestive
Lavender ~ useful for promoting healing of burns and
general skin problems
Tea Tree ~ great for fighting a variety of infections
Lemon ~ used in the treatment of various infections and
aids in the healing of wounds
Roman Chamomile ~ used as both a natural sleep aid and
treatment for infections
Ylang Ylang ~ relaxes muscles and brightens moods
Clary Sage ~ often used as a natural pain killer, as well
as an aid to relaxation

Aromatherapy has many faces, and doesn~t always express itself through fragrant steam which fills the room when it~s added to the bath water.  There are various ways in which aromatherapy can be utilized, and it~s made available to consumers in many forms.  Included among these are bath salts, salves, mouthwash mixtures, massage oils, inhalation therapy, gels and creams.

Consumers can use the salts in different ways, depending on the condition that is intended to be cured. Different ailments require different kinds of application to be effective. For example a days stress can be relieved with a hot water bath with aromatic salts. Another example is when a cream needs to be applied on a burn or acne type of condition.

Aromatherapy enjoys great popularity in the American society, and its products can be found through online merchants and in boutiques, spas and other types of department or specialty stores.  These products are as well known for their delightful fragrances as they are for their restorative properties.

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