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Clear Skin, Right At Home

Is Homemade Acne Treatment Effective?

Anyone whoís had a chronic acne problem thatís been cured will tell you they wish they knew better to begin with, it would have spared a lot of anguish and scarring. For a truly effective cure for acne, you need a combination of antibiotics, healthy eating habits and homemade acne treatment. The one thing never to do is seek advice from people who have no skin problems, they donít know, they were born with good skin remember?

Treat acne like you would any other disease and there is no reason you wonít be cured. Seeing a dermatologist is a must, at least in the initial stages so you can combat the cause. This done you can maintain a good diet, lots of water, fresh fruit, vegetables, and avoid processed carbohydrates and sugar. Add to this a homemade acne treatment that shows results and stick with it. For best results treat your skin condition with the care it requires, have patience and donít obsess over it. Homemade acne treatment is effective as part of a whole plan and there are many homemade remedies to choose from.

What To Use For Homemade Acne Treatment

When you set about following homemade acne treatment start with a healthy diet. If you can drink a liter of water when you wake up, itís a great way to flush out the toxins. Do not wash your face excessively instead wash three four times a day with a mild face wash. Do not pick at pimples, instead dab a few drops of lemon juice on the pimple and though it might sting a little it will restore the acid mantle. Follow with a cleansing routine and leave it be. If your skin is not completely broken out you can use oatmeal as a gentle scrub and wash thoroughly. Remember when using homemade remedies for acne, to wash well so as not to further clog the pores.

A really good homemade acne treatment is using watercress. Boil the leaves till a tea- like solution forms. Gently dab the solution all over the troubled areas every night.

When acne is one the wane and you need to revive your skin, a weekly steam followed by a fruit mask (strawberries are great cleansers and help lighten scars) will work wonders.

Turmeric is an effective if a slightly strong antiseptic, that can be combined with a little milk and used to dry pimples.

An egg white mask will help to combat excessive oiliness and close the pores.

A paste of mint leaves applied nightly is also good skin food.

Homemade acne treatment comes from trial and error. Try a couple of homemade remedies. If something works for you, stick with it and do not over do it.

Exercise An Integral Part Of Any Skin Care Routine

The importance of exercise for good skin cannot be stressed enough. Good circulation is imperative for good skin and exercise ensures good circulation. Recently Dr. Perriconeís diet has created a lot of buzz. He advocates a diet of natural carbohydrates (from vegetables), a lot fish like salmon,(contains Omega 3 fatty oils) ,fruit like strawberries (antioxidants) and nuts like almonds. A combination diet combats aging and inflammation leading to healthy skin. You might therefore want to follow a four-tier system for effectively and permanently getting rid of acne.

1. Visit A Dermatologist
2. Exercise
3. Use A Good Home Made Acne Treatment
4. Eat Healthy

So when you consider a homemade acne treatment, do try to combine it with a complete plan and it will definitely make acne woes a thing of the past!

Sandhya Thukaram

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